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Tuesday we headed off for an ocean adventure. Of course..no adventure featuring Jenn as navigator would be complete without getting lost. So, in a car without air conditioning we found ourselves on a much longer drive to Ocean City, MD than previously anticipated. Alas, we did make it, and it was a very nice day out. Unfortunately by the time we were able to shower away an entire day in a sweaty car there was no time for the beach, so we headed out in an attempt to walk to the boardwalk, only to realize it was a good 95 blocks away and decide to take the bus. Once there, I made a complete ass of myself trying to eat the world's fastest melting ice cream cone and failing miserably. It was a gorgeous night out, and we walked the boardwalk for quite some time before heading back onto the bus (OC has a pretty nice bus system), making a detour at Rite Aid for something to fix my toe (I kicked the vent in the living room Monday night, slicing my toe...not a place to get sand caught), and ordering the most expensive pizza I've ever had the fortune to eat quickly before I fell asleep.

Wednesday we woke up to haze and wind, but we were determined to experience the beach. You see, I've never had an opportunity to swim in the Atlantic, so off we went! Unfortunately the weather plus the four good slams to the ground I took make me a bit skittish, so I didn't last long in the water. Once I've ingested a good pint of sand and seawater, I've pretty much reached my limit. We intended to go mini-golfing, but instead we found ourselves in the first of several used/rare book stores. There went all the money I saved using hotels.com. We also intended a second walk on the boardwalk, but were thwarted by parade traffic that goaded us over the bridge...and right in front of a classic car museum!!!! Oh, the joy. Books and cars in one afternoon? We spent a while in there before we realized we were on the road we needed to be on to get to Baltimore, stopped for lunch, and finally we were on our way. Our last detour came in Trappe where we passed yet ANOTHER used book store, and I annoyed the entire State of Maryland with my bookophilia. Needless to say, we made it to Baltimore a few hours later than we'd hoped to, showered, and headed to dinner on the marina. By then it was late, so we called it a night.

Thursday we headed out to an aquarian advenuture! I've been trying to get to the National Aquarium for years (not the one in DC...which is really just a basement of fish), and I finally gt my chance. It was a truly impressive aquarium. I really enjoyed it. We spent most of the day there, but we couldn't end the adventure without one more bookstore. Well..."we" could've. I couldn't. I actually ended up buying a NEW book there, but I'm always willing to support local small bookstores, seeing how I plan to open one someday.

Friday I had to be back at work (booo!) and everyTHING ad everyONE knew it. I have never had such a concentration of angry people harangue me in my life, and in the midst of all that I got to call the fire department about a brush fire. Today was exponentially better, and full of adventure.....

It was a pretty easygoing day in D side Bagtopia, until the belt stopped...for a while. I climbed up to peer into the hole (not a hole things generally go into) to see if I could see a problem. Sure enough, there was a bag stuck in the belt. I climbed in, jiggled a few things, Voila!, the carousel started to move, so I surf edmy way down from my perch and got back to work. Not 30 seconds later it stopped again. Back to my adventure, since I was the only one there willing to climb into the bowels of the baggage carousel, to find a backpack coiling its way into the belt like a python. There were a bunch of other bags stuck behind it like an interrupted conga line, so I pulled those free and sent them on their way. The other belts started to move, scaring me shitless, so I jumped out of the hole, to the enjoyment of all watching, and hoped everything would move as it should. It didn't. By then Ollie had gotten himself involved with the offending bag, torn it from it's coiling strap, and worked on moving said strap away from the sensor so the damned thing would just move already! Finally it came back to life, and all was as it should be. Not something anyone gets to see everyday.

So thats been my week.....there'll be more later I'm sure.

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